Sources for Noongar names for plants

The following list is taken from "Aboriginal Names for Plant Species in South-Western Australia" by Dr Ian Abbott (Forest Department of Western Australia Technical Paper No 5, 1983)

I've added mungitch, mungite, which is used for bull banksia cones and in some instances for the tree itself. The word Kwel is recorded for she-oak in numerous sources, I've added Allocasuarina fraseriana(sheoak), as an alternative to Casuarina obesa(swamp sheoak) since both species are commonly known as she-oak.

I've also added several Banksia's from Albany identified in Baron Charles von Hugel's "New Holland Journal",(facs. ed.)Miegunyah Press, Melbourne 1994.

A good thing about this list is that Noongar informants are listed where known. The majority of these are people interviewed by Daisy Bates. The bad thing is that so few informants have been interviewed since then. The location of the informants is given as follows:-

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Informants Location
Balbuk**, Woorurdup** Perth
Bardeet**, Kaljingellup** Bridgetown
Bates South West
Bell, Mingenew
Boaburgurt** Wonnerup, Capel
Brockman Bridgetown, Margaret River
Bunbury Pinjarra, Vasse
Bussell Vasse
Curr Between Irwin and Murchison Rivers
Davis* Pinjarra (Bibbulmun dialect)
Drummond South west
Grey Mainly Perth also Guildford, Pinjarra, Albany,Vasse
Hammond Mainly Perth and Pinjarra but also South West generally
Hassell Jerramungup,Albany
Helms Hampton Range
Hugel Albany
Hymus, Fawcett and Scott Pinjarra
Joobaitch** Guildford
Lane Poole Bolgart and South West
Lyon Perth
Moore Mainly Perth east to York also Guildford, Albany and Vasse
Ngalyart** Karadup near Pinjarra
Maxwell Southern coast
Ngilgee** Vasse
Nind Albany
Oldfield Geraldton to Murchison River
Preiss Mainly Perth and Avon Valley, also Albany
Rae South West
Salvado New Norcia
Symmons Perth
Von Mueller South West
Whitworth* Vasse
* Noongar informants ** Daisy Bates' Noongar informants